Friday, April 20th

1:002:00Registration (Hall of Flags)
2:002:10Welcome, Conference Chair Katie Walsh (ASEAN)
2:102:30Opening Address Tufts President, Anthony Monaco (ASEAN)
2:303:15Keynote 1:Mohamed T. El-Ashry, Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development (ASEAN)
3:153:30Coffee Break (Hall of Flags)
3:304:45Panel 1: Meeting Growing Energy Demand In Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities (ASEAN)
4:455:30Energy Competition (ASEAN)
5:307:00Showcase (Hall of Flags)

Saturday, April 21st

8:0010:00Registration and Breakfast (Hall of Flags)
9:009:45Keynote 2: Kevin Book, Greening Up During the “Golden” Age of Gas (ASEAN)
9:4511:00Panel 2: The End of "Easy" Fossil Fuels: Projections, Need and Innovation (ASEAN)
11:0011:15Coffee Break (Hall of Flags)
11:1512:15Sponsorship Workshops (Locations TBD)
12:151:15Student Poster Session/Lunch (Hall of Flags)
1:152:30Panel 3: Clean Nuclear: Responsible Management for a Carbon-Constrained Future (ASEAN)
1:152:30Panel 4: 21st Century Energy on a 19th Century Grid: Making Intermittent Energy Work (Barnum)
2:302:45Coffee Break (Hall of Flags)
2:454:00Panel 5: Renewable Energy Growth in a Post-Stimulus World: Boom or Bust? (Barnum)
2:454:00Panel 6: Bridging the Gap: Towards a Nexus Approach to Water and Energy (ASEAN)
4:155:00Keynote 3: Barbara Kates-Garnick, Progressive Energy Policy: Challenges at the Cutting Edge (ASEAN)
5:00 5:15Closing, TEC Chair (ASEAN)