2011 Competition Winners

The 2011 Tufts Energy Competition winners, High Voltage Lithium Ion Batter Management System and Wind Turbines and Solar Cookers in Zimbabwe, have spent the past year implementing their projects. They are back this year to present the results of their work. Each team will give a short presentation at the conference on April 20th, and be available to answer questions. A short description of their work is given below.

High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Management System

Will Salisbury, Christopher Jackson, Brennon Costello, Trevor Babbitt
The Tufts Hybrid Racing Team is an undergraduate student organization that participates in an international competition to design, build and compete high-performance hybrid and electric vehicles.  We will debut a brand new vehicle this year, the THR12, that integrates cutting edge mechanical, electronic and energy storage technology.  The team is an interdisciplinary collaboration between mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental and software engineering disciplines, among other groups.  The THR12 is a parallel-hybrid design that uses 70 Lithium-Polymer batteries for electrical energy storage.  While power and energy dense, these cells must be managed by complex, expensive electronic devices called Battery Management Systems (BMSs).  The TEC funds were used to purchase and integrate a BMS, which, after a year of fabrication is ready to assemble and integrate into the THR12’s high voltage power train.


Wind Turbines and Solar Cookers in Zimbabwe

Jonah Kadoko, Kristen Johnson
Our project idea was to research low-cost, sustainable and renewable energy technologies that can be used in Zimbabwe. Our focus is on wind and solar thermal energy, which utilize locally available materials. We partnered with an organization called USAP Cares (United States Achievers Program) based in Zimbabwe. Our goal in the partnership is to conduct field research on the use of wind turbines in local Zimbabwean communities. Currently, we have four student partners, led by an experienced social worker, who visited (during the week of March 17th) a community that once had a wind turbine in Rusape, Zimbabwe.