Bruce Everett

Bruce Everett has over three decades of experience in the energy business as a government official, oil industry executive, teacher and commentator on energy policy. During the oil crises of 1973-74, Mr. Everett joined the fledgling Federal Energy Administration in Washington in the Office of International Affairs and continued with the Department of Energy when it was formed in 1977. Anxious to see the world outside the Beltway, Mr. Everett joined ExxonMobil Corporation in 1980, traveled the world and worked across the spectrum of the energy industry, including oil, coal, natural gas, electricity.

Mr. Everett currently teaches oil market economics as Adjunct Professor of International Business at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and Adjunct Associate Professor of International Business at the Fletcher School. Mr. Everett graduated from Princeton University in 1969 and earned a PhD in International Relations from The Fletcher School at Tufts University in 1980.


Robert Hannemann

Dr. Hannemann joined Tufts in 2007 as Director of the Tufts Gordon Institute for Engineering and Entrepreneurial Leadership with a secondary appointment in the ME department. Prior to Tufts Dr. Hannemann was a researcher, manager, and entrepreneur in the computer and telecommunications industries with such companies as Digital Equipment Corporation, Corning, Inc. and Laserton.

Dr. Hannemann’s current technical research is focused on meso- and microscale cooling devices for high performance electronic devices using both single-phase and two-phase liquids. Dr. Hannemann is also actively researching energy-efficient data center cooling technologies.

At the Gordon Institute, Dr. Hannemann is researching and implementing new approaches in fostering engineering leadership and entrepreneurship in conjunction with s graduate and undergraduate programs. Dr. Hannemann graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1970, earned his MS from New York University in 1972 and his ScD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975.


Karen Panetta

Dr. Karen Panetta is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tufts University and Director of the Simulation Research Laboratory at Tufts University. Dr. Panetta is also the co-founder of BA Logix Inc. and serves as the company’s Chief Research Scientist. Dr. Panetta was the first female electrical engineer given tenure in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Before joining the faculty at Tufts, Dr. Panetta was employed as a computer engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Her research in Simulation and Modeling has won her research team five awards from NASA for “Outstanding Contributions to NASA Research” and “Excellence in Research”.

Dr. Panetta is an IEEE Fellow and is the Worldwide Director of the IEEE Women In Engineering. Dr. Panetta is also the advisor for the Society of Women Engineers student chapter at Tufts University. Dr. Panetta received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Boston University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.


Kent Portney

Dr. Kent E. Portney teaches courses in methodology, judicial politics, political behavior, public administration, survey research, and environmental politics. Dr. Portney is the author of Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: Economic Development, the Environment, and Quality of Life in American Cities (MIT Press, 2003), Approaching Public Policy Analysis (Prentice-Hall, 1986), Siting Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities: The NIMBY Syndrome (Auburn House, Greenwood Publishing Group, 1991), and Controversial Issues in Environmental Policy (Sage Publications, 1992).

Dr. Portney has conducted extensive research on the sustainability of cities, and operates a website and blog devoted to sustainable cities.

Dr. Portney graduated from Rutgers University in 1973, received his MA from the University of Connecticut in 1975 and his PhD from the Florida State University in 1979.


Betsy Isenstein

Betsy Isenstein oversees Tufts’ energy projects including energy management, energy contracts and energy efficiency programs. Prior to joining Tufts in 1994 Ms. Isenstein managed energy programs for General Electric Company. Ms. Isenstein holds a BSE in Civil Engineering from Tufts and an MBA from Northeastern University.