Poster Session

The TEC poster session, taking place Saturday from 12:15-1:15, will showcase the diversity of research being done at Tufts.  Both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as post-doctoral researchers, will be presenting on their work in a range of subject areas.


Off-grid renewable energy development: Micro-hydro in Bolivia

David M. A. Murphy –

Blame it on NIMBY-ism: An overview of motivations and policy implications

Maria Petrova, PhD –

Polymer-Supported Ionogels for Electrochemical Capacitors

Adam Visentin –

Interfacial Studies of Ionic Gel Electrolytes and High Surface Carbon

Stephanie Flores –

Electrodes in Supercapacitors

Ariel Horowitz –

Indirect Lifetime Estimation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons using PARAFAC

Joseph Chiarelli –

Electrochemical Fabrication of Cu2O Thin Films with Various Morphologies For Solar energy conversion applications

Changqiong Zhu –

Where’s the Beef? A Suitability Study for Siting Biogas Facilities to Capture Cattle-Production Methane for Urban Energy Consumption

Emily Geosling –

An Atomic-Scale Study of the Adsorption, Assembly and Reactivity of Methanol with Model Cu, O/Cu and Pd/Cu Alloy Surfaces with STM, TPD and XPS

Timothy J. Lawton –

India’s Emissions in a Climate Constrained World

Kathy Araujo –
Kartikeya Singh –

Electricity for Rural Development:  A Comparison of Solar Home Lighting Systems in Northern and Southern India

Kathy Araujo –
Kartikeya Singh –

Energy System Transformation, Innovation and Sectoral Agents of Change: Highlights from the Case of Brazilian Biofuels

Kathy Araujo –
Kartikeya Singh –

Research at the Center for International Environment & Resource Policy

Mieka van Wansem –

Atomically Dispersed AuI-(OH)x Species on Titania Catalyze the Low-Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction

Ming Yang –

Low-content Nano-scaled Gold Catalysts for Sustainable Energy

Matthew Boucher –

Engineering E. coli to Produce Oils for Biodiesel Applications

Joanna Rucker –

Catalytic Steam Reforming of Methanol for Hydrogen Production

Chongyang Wang –

Thin Flexible Batteries

Alexander Dienst –

Kicking Kentucky Coal: An Analysis of State-Level Employment Impacts

Samantha L. Weaver –