Tanks, Jets, and Solar Panels

We are officially in the final countdown to TEC 2013. Regular ticketsare now available and selling fast with just ten days left before the conference. Today, we’re excited to share with you the details of our panel on the U.S. military and energy security, an unprecedented event that will bring together the heads of operational energy from the U.S. Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. 

As America’s largest energy consumer, the Department of Defense (DoD) is not known for placing a high premium on energy efficiency and alternative sources of energy. However, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and new global threats have prompted the DoD to rethink its energy strategy. The DoD is now implementing aggressive energy-efficiency goals to reduce battlefield fuel demand and secure reliable, renewable energy supplies for combat and installation operations. With robust R&D capabilities, a large government allowance, and the ability to lead the security sector’s energy discussion, the DoD has the necessary tools to help advance energy innovation in the United States. Where does the military fall in the nation’s energy debate? What are the consequences of framing energy issues, research, and development in a security context? How are DoD investments assisting renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies?

TEC 2013’s DoD panel will explore the role of the U.S. military in today’s energy debate, discuss energy initiatives taking place within the DoD, and offer observations on military operations in support of energy security. Featured speakers include:
  • Colonel Bob Charette Jr., Director, USMC Expeditionary Energy Office
  • Captain James C. Goudreau, Director, U.S. Navy Energy Coordination Office
  • Dr. Brian Holloway, Program Manager, Defense Sciences Office-DARPA
  • Colonel Paul Roege, Chief of Army Operational Energy
  • Robert Thornton, President & CEO, International District Energy Association (IDEA)
  • Mike Baskin, Doctoral Candidate, The Fletcher School (Moderator)
For more information, visit our website and register today! If you are a veteran or know a vet who might be interested in TEC 2013, we are also offering a 15% discount. Just enter VETERAN when you purchase your tickets to activate the discount.