Saturday, March 2nd

11:3012:30Registration - Coffee and Light Lunch (Hall of Flags)
12:3012:40Welcome | Conference Chair Geoffrey Finger (ASEAN)
12:4012:45Opening Address | Dr. William Moomaw (ASEAN)
12:4513:30 Keynote 1: Dr. Joseph Stanislaw (ASEAN)
13:4515:00Panel 1: Energy Efficiency in China: Challenges and Lessons from the World's Largest Energy Consumer (ASEAN)
15:0015:15Break for Refreshments (Hall of Flags)
15:1516:30Panel 2: Climate Change and the Future of Biofuels (Barnum) and Panel 3: Tanks, Jets, and Solar Panels: The U.S. Military and Energy Security (ASEAN)
16:3516:45Address | Tufts President Dr. Anthony Monaco (ASEAN)
16:4517:30 Keynote 2: Governor Bill Richardson (ASEAN)
17:3019:00Showcase (Hall of Flags)

Sunday, March 3rd

10:3011:00Registration and Breakfast (Hall of Flags)
11:0011:40Sponsor Workshops (Various Locations)
11:4513:00Panel 4: Economic Policy and the Global Implications of the 'Golden Age of Gas' (ASEAN) and Panel 5: Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (Barnum 008)
13:0013:45Student Poster Session/Lunch (Hall of Flags)
13:4514:30Energy Competition Presentations (ASEAN)
14:3014:45Energy Competition Voting - Break for Refreshments (Hall of Flags)
14:4516:00Panel 6: Arctic Anxiety: Evaluating Approaches to Arctic Resource Exploration (ASEAN)
16:0016:10Energy Competition Voting - Break
16:1016:55 Keynote 3: Dr. Susan Tierney (ASEAN)
16:5517:00Closing | Conference Chair Geoffrey Finger - Energy Competition Winner Announcement (ASEAN)