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The Energy, Climate, and Innovation (ECI) Program within the Center for International Environment Resource Policy (CIERP) works to develop and promote knowledge that will help national leaders address energy-related challenges, especially global climate change. ECI focuses on harnessing energy technology innovations to improve human well being, and on the role of policies in supporting and rewarding innovation. Its outlook is global, but ECI has a strong concentration on energy and climate policies within the U.S. and China; the roles that these issues play in Sino-American relations; and how these two countries influence international negotiations on climate change.


Gulf Oil has been a recognized brand in energy since 1901. Currently, Gulf Oil LP is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts with operations in 27 states and the Caribbean. Among Gulf Oil LP activities is the distribution of quality motor fuels, both gasoline and diesel, to more than 2,000 branded outlets as well as 1,000 private label retail outlets operated by major chain retailers. We also supply heating oil, lubricants, and are a major provider of biofuels. Gulf LP owns and operates 12 proprietary terminals and supplies wholesale product through 75 other terminals in its 27 state footprint. Gulf is involved in sourcing and blending of motor fuels and is one of the nation’s largest users of ethanol in its blending activities. While today we primarily deal in petroleum-based products, we are firmly committed to developing alternative energy sources for both transport as well as other energy demand sectors such as commercial, industrial, and residential uses. The company has begun to offer electricity to residential customers in Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts with more states planned. Gulf has begun to invest in developing transport and distribution capability using natural gas based transportation fuels. Our corporate focus in energy is to develop least costly environmentally responsible and reliable solutions for customers. Developing a diverse, domestic, and stable source of energy for all demand sectors including transport is our primary focus.