Saturday, March 7th

10:0011:00Check-In, Registration, & Coffee (Hall of Flags)
VIP Lunch (Cabot 7th Floor)
11:0011:05Welcome | Conference Chair Kathy Nolan (ASEAN)
11:0511:15Opening Address | Dr. William Moomaw (ASEAN)
11:1512:15Keynote 1: Rachel Kyte (ASEAN)
12:151:15Lunch (Hall of Flags)
1:152:30Panel 1: Adoption & Diffusion of Technology (Barnum) and Panel 2: Financing Energy Projects (ASEAN)
2:302:45Break for Refreshments (Hall of Flags)
2:454:00Panel 3: National Oil Companies in the 21st Century(ASEAN) and Panel 4: Energy Entrepreneurship in Urban Settings(Barnum)
4:004:15Break for Refreshments (Hall of Flags)
4:154:30Address | Tufts President Dr. Anthony Monaco (ASEAN)
4:305:30Keynote 2: Chris Hummel, Schneider Electric (ASEAN)
5:306:30Energy Competition (ASEAN)
6:307:30Showcase & Energy Competition Voting (Hall of Flags)

Sunday, March 8th

9:3010:00Registration and Breakfast (Hall of Flags)
10:0011:15Panel 5: Natural Resource-Related Conflicts(ASEAN) and Panel 6: Changing Dynamics of the Utility Sector(Barnum)
11:1512:15"The Future of Energy" with CB&I (Cabot Center)
12:151:30Lunch (Hall of Flags)
1:302:45Panel 7: The Great Debate: Renewables vs. Fossil Fuels vs. Development(ASEAN)
2:453:00Closing Remarks (ASEAN)