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TEC 2014: Shifting Dynamics in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets and the questions surrounding their energy production, usage, and creation will affect not only individuals, governments, and industries within those countries, but also developed markets and their industries. Seven panels and two keynote speakers will grapple with and discuss these many questions, including:

  • Is the emerging world’s appetite for energy fueling conflict?
  • How will innovation in developing countries’energy delivery services influence utilities in the developed world and vice versa?
  • How will emerging countries finance new energy projects?
  • How will international oil companies work with the changing realities of the oil and gas industry and how will they stay competitive in these new markets?
  • How will foreign direct investment and intellectual property rights influence a country’s ability to develop new technology?
  • Can governments meet their economic and social development targets by relying less on fossil fuels, or is there a trade-off between development and renewable energy?

This year’s conference will attempt to answer these questions, provoke new ones, address challenges, and bring forward fresh ideas pertinent to the modern world’s dynamic energy sector.